You can now stay in an Airbnb made entirely of Lego

Airbnb has all manner of quirky rentals on offer, but its latest listing may just be its most unusual stay yet.

The holiday rental site is now giving travellers the chance to bed down for a night in a retro toy lover’s dreamland – a house made entirely of Lego.

The 12,000-square metre Lego House in Billund, Denmark, is filled with 25 million of the iconic plastic bricks, which have been painstakingly put together to form a fully functioning pad you can actually live and sleep in.

The Lego House bedroom (Airbnb/PA)

There are Lego armchairs to recline in, a Lego TV to watch and a king-sized bed made entirely of yep, you guessed it, Lego (although you’ll be happy to hear the mattress isn’t made from the angular bricks).

The house is big enough to sleep four, with two bedrooms, a living room and a 6m tall Lego waterfall built out of 1.96 million bricks cascading over the bed.

As well as the chance to live like an actual Lego character for the night, the experience will also include spending the day hanging out with master builder Jamie Berard, who’ll let you in on his secrets to creating the perfect build, help you direct a short Lego movie and create your own Lego masterpiece.

The unusual stay is part of Airbnb’s ‘A Night At’ series (Airbnb/PA)

The unusual stay is being offered as part of Airbnb’s ‘A Night At’ series, which transforms iconic spaces into a home for the night.

The rental website has previously given lucky competition winners the chance to stay in a floating house on the River Thames, the Guinness Factory Storehouse and Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania.

Sound like your idea of a fun weekend? The Lego House will only be available for one night on November 24, and just one family will get the chance to experience it.

There’s even a Lego cat (Airbnb/PA)

Fans who fancy entering to competition will need to answer the question: ‘If you and your family had an unlimited supply of Lego bricks, what would you build?’ before the deadline of November 16.

One thing’s for certain – if you do manage to bag a spot in the house, you’ll want to pack some sturdy slippers.


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