Woman with MS surprised by husband with flashmob singing ‘Just the Way You Are’ on anniversary

Carl Gilbertson managed to pull of a very memorable surprise for his wife Laura on their 10th wedding anniversary.

Laura was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) as a teenager and was unfortunately forced into a wheelchair by her illness soon after the couple’s honeymoon.

MS sees the body’s immune system attack healthy areas of the body and can practically affect the brain or spinal cord.

Earlier this week, to celebrate the couples anniversary Carl enlisted the help of the Liverpool Media Academy to sing Bruno Mars’ hit ‘Just the Way You Are’ to surprise Laura in the city centre.

The gesture moved Laura and most of the onlookers in tears; it’s also gathered worldwide attention after being shared extensively on social media.

Posting the video on his Facebook page, Carl paid tribute to the “strength, courage and dignity” his wife had shown throughout their marriage so far.

“At our wedding breakfast I said that ‘it is the greatest honour anybody could ever bestow upon me for you to take me as your husband and the most enduring privilege to be able to call you my wife’. It was never just a line for a speech it was how I felt and you spend every day reinforcing it,” said Carl.

“Your strength, courage and dignity take my breath away and though most Saturdays at kickoff time you may not think it, you’re the only thing that really matters.

“My babe, you’re amazing - just the way you are.”

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By Shaun Cronin

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