Woman who went viral rapping Missy Elliott performs with the star herself

A woman whose rap to Missy Elliott at a karaoke picnic took her to viral stardom has now performed with American popstar herself.

Footage of Mary Halsey rapping Missy Elliott’s 2002 song Work It was viewed millions of times online, with Missy Elliott even posting the video to Twitter.

As if recognition from Missy Elliott as her “funky white sister” wasn’t enough for Mary, the 47-year-old star appeared for a surprise duet with her on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.


The pair sat down with the talk show host after the performance for a joint interview, in which Missy Elliott gave Mary a signed t-shirt and Ellen gave a jacket with “Missy’s Funky White Sister” on the back.

Missy Elliott also shared a video of the pair backstage after the show.

“May God Bless you because of your HUGE heart & you have always used your platform to make ppl smile like Mary Halsey who is 1 of the sweetest ppl I’ve met!” she wrote.

- Press Association

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