Wife plays hilarious prank on her husband years after she passed away

A South African woman has managed to play on trick on her husband nearly 5 years after she passed away.

Phedre lost her battle with cancer in 2013, aged 69 and with that, one of her dying wishes to her husband was for him to promise to keep the plants in the bathroom alive.

Under instruction, Nigel watered the ferns religiously, keeping them fresh and healthy looking.

It wasn’t until he moved into a nearby nursing home he discovered that the potted plants were in fact PLASTIC.

The couple’s daughter posted the story on her Twitter, even attaching a picture of him completing his daily task.

“I can hear my mum chuckling,” she said.

As the tweet drew an abundance of love and positivity, Antonia, who works as a London firefighter, went on to share a photo she believes ‘sums up her parents'.

No, YOU’RE crying.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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