Why traffic in Ireland comes to a standstill when it rains

Conor Faughnan from the AA has explained why the country always seems to come to a standstill when it rains.

A status yellow rainfall warning remains in place for Leinster and Munster this afternoon after it took thousands of people triple the normal time to get to work this morning because of the bad weather.

Mr Faughnan said the bad weather leads to more minor traffic collisions.

"You get an increase in what they call fender-benders, which are your minor traffic collisions," he said.

"So I skid into the back side of you and we get out and exchange insurance details.

"Multiply that by hundreds across the arterial network in Dublin and you will get traffic jams.

"You have individuals who might cycle most days, might walk most days. On a horrible wet morning, they open the curtains and say to hell with the bike today."

Dublin Fire Brigade says it has received 99 calls so far today.

The majority were for flooding incidents in Kildare, Laois, Dublin and Meath.

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