Why Cork? Let us count the (five) reasons

Kanye and Kim definitely have a bit of cash saved up between them - they can afford to go to any resort in the world and stay in the finest of hotels. So why, out of all the gin joints in the world, did they pick Cork?

Don’t get us wrong, we love Cork - we’re just a little surprised. But, after doing our research, these are the reasons we think explain the power couple’s surprise honeymoon to the Rebel County.

1. Keeping up with the Kardashian family traditions

Kim’s mother, Kris, married Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner in 1991. Kris and her new husband then went on honeymoon in Ireland.

Both Kris and Bruce have Irish ancestry - Kris’ great-grandmother had the very Irish-sounding name, Ruth Grace Finney, while Bruce’s mother, Esther McGuire, was also of Irish descent.

Perhaps Kim wants to research the family tree while she’s here?

2. Five Star Luxury

The couple are said to be staying in the luxury Castlemartyr Hotel. This five-star hotel is seriously swanky - ornate gardens, a 12th century castle, fine dining. What more could you want?

Kim and Kanye are reportedly staying in the Presidential Suite of the hotel which costs €4,500. A night.

We’ve a full run-down of what that four and a half grand will get you here.

3. The Jay Z and Queen B Effect

Beyonce and Jay Z with their daughter, Blue Ivy, in Dublin last year.

OK so they didn't make it to the wedding, but Beyonce and Jay Z are still pretty close to Kanye and Kim. Well, at least Jay Z and Kanye are close.

Beyonce and Jay Z stayed at the Castlemartyr Hotel a few years ago. We reckon they recommended it to the newlyweds.

Castlemartyr is famous for attracting celebs. As well as Jay Z and Beyonce, none other than the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen stayed there after his sell-out concert in Cork last year.

Other famous faces that have stayed at the hotel include Bill Clinton, Sinead O'Connor and Tommy Tiernan.

It was probably Tommy who sorted them out. Maybe he swung Kanye and Kim a discount?

4. Kanye loves Ireland

Kanye celebrated his 35th birthday in Dublin in 2012 and seemed to really enjoy himself. Bono even gave him a birthday cake

Kanye tweeted the following at the time (in All Caps, of course):


-@kanyewest June 8,

Kanye has played in Ireland many times. Most memorably, perhaps, was his 2009 performance in the Marquee in Cork. After entertaining the Marquee audience, Kanye then turned up at a gig at the Pavillion venue in the city centre later that night where he treated the crowd to a surprise duet with rapper Kid Cudi. More on that anon...

Maybe Kanye has fond memories of his time in the Real Capital?

5. Kim loves Ireland

Kim was in Dublin for the fella's 35th birthday too and she seemed to appreciate the local sense of humour. When the Colm Hayes show over on 2FM ran an elaborate skit pretending she had called into the studio to give an interview, she responded with this post on her blog.

“We all appreciate a well organized prank!! I didn’t call in to the Colm Hayes show but seems that’s what listeners were led to believe.”

She didn’t seem too annoyed about it anyway, writing: "I’ve really enjoyed my time in Ireland!”

So maybe she's come back for more of the legendary Irish craic?

Whatever the reason, we wish them happy honeymooning.

Eh, If they're even here at all….


By Ciara Flaherty

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