Which animal would you have as your pal if they suddenly had human intelligence?

Pets are great, there’s no question about that, but imagine if you could communicate with them on a human level.

Such dreams of animal companionship were discussed on Reddit, with users of the website sharing the animal they would most value as a personal pal, a creature “that becomes your loyal companion with human intelligence and only you can communicate with it”, thanks to a question from inormallylurk42345.

Here are 12 of the best, from fly to elephant, crow to cat.

1. Megalodon

“megalodon so i can roam the seas and become ocean king or whatever my destiny is” – ACGT030188

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2. Red panda

3. Elephant

“An elephant. I feel like it’d be nice company.” – BaconCharizard

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4. Bear

5. Crow

“One crow, he’d quickly take over the crow world and do my bidding.” – lunos7

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6. House cat

7. An insect

“Maybe a Queen Bee or Queen Ant or some other insect with a hive mentality. Take over other hives and eventually the world.” – scoyne15

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8. Dragon

9. Velociraptor

“A velociraptor, because IRL Philosoraptor.” – nolo_me

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10. Orca

11. Housefly

“A housefly or mosquito, I’ll be a champion at poker.” – Kash_Rhal

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12. Gorilla

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