When Zach met Barack

Comedian Zach Galifianakis (the weird one from The Hangover) interviewed US President Barack Obama on the topical issues of the day.

Not really.

Galifianakis sat down with Obama for his spoof Funny Or Die chatshow 'Between Two Ferns' and the two traded insults in what is generally termed "a humorous fashion".

"What should we do about North Ikea?" the bearded funnyman askes, as the most powerful man in the Western world wonders which of his PR team he is going to fire first.

Still, the Commander in Chief appears well able for the comic barbs hurled his way.

"It must kind of stink, not being able to run for a third term (as president)," Galifianakis jibes.

"Not at all - I think it's a good idea," Obama counters.

"It'd be kind of like doing a third Hangover movie - and we all know that didn't work out well at all."

Watch the full thing below:


By Conor Hallahan

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