What’s Kate like as a mum? A body language expert reveals all

Kate Middleton has given birth to her third child, a son weighing 8lbs 7oz, who will be fifth in line to the British throne.

He joins the family with George as big brother and Charlotte as big sister, making a picture-perfect family of five.

We hear Kate is a very involved mother, despite the duties and demands of her royal calendar, but it’s rare anyone gets any real insight into what family life is truly like for Kate and co.

We asked body language expert, Darren Stanton, to take a look at a series of photos of Kate interacting with George and Charlotte, and shed some light on what she’s really like as a mum…


(Jane Barlow/PA)

When Charlotte had a wobble about getting onto a plane in Hamburg during a royal tour to Germany in July last year, Kate reacted in a very motherly fashion.

“Charlotte is obviously quite reluctant to go towards the aircraft, and what we see is Kate bend down to Charlotte’s eyeline, and this is to build rapport and reassure. We also see several reassurance gestures, which is putting the hand on the back and putting her arm around her,” says Stanton. “It’s quite important to be on the child’s eyeline, to give them that reassurance.”

Assertive when she needs to be

(Jane Barlow/PA)

“Charlotte is clearly not happy [here], having a bit of a cry, a bit of a strop. Kate’s making this finger wagging gesture – a little bit more assertive in terms of body language. She’s basically being told by Kate, in quite a stern manner, to maybe just calm down a little bit,” says Stanton.


(Chris Jackson/PA)

“It’s clear that she’s very nurturing, [and] puts her children up front and centre,” says Stanton. “The children are being surrounded and protected first and foremost.”


(Dominic Lipinski/PA)

When Kate and William’s children need comfort or encouragement in public, the couple tend to be the ones to offer it first, rather than royal aides.

Stanton says: “Other royals in the past, we might have seen them move ahead, and the children have been reassured by aides. So it’s nice to see the royal couple making sure the children are fully happy, and that they all move together as one. They don’t move away from the children at any moment, they move together as a unit.”

Kate’s kids’ happiness comes first

(Andrew Milligan/PA)

“A really nice picture here, Kate’s got Charlotte in her arms, she’s got a really nice expression on her face. So you can see clearly the children are really happy, and there’s a deep rapport. I know a lot of people would say, ‘Well, children would be in rapport with their parents’, but [that’s not the case] all the time,” he says.

“It’s clear that even though the media are present, the children’s happiness is paramount. They’re not prepared to risk the children being upset for the sake of the media.”

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