What was the best Irish viral video of the year?

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenges, touching wedding moments and homecomings featuring crying mammies all captured on video in 2014?

‘Course you do … Well, we’d like your help in choosing the very best of them for our inaugural Besties, the Irish viral video awards!

We have two categories: the Besties for everyone to enter and the Besties Pro for the business side of things.

Nominated videos must have a strong Irish angle, and feature someone we can contact if they win an award.

Nominate your buddies, yourself or that video you sent all your friends, making clear who you think deserves the award.

After nominations close, your votes will decide who gets a Bestie award.

We have 10 different categories. You can go mad entirely and nominate a video in all 10, or stick to just one - it's your call.

It’s free to nominate and once you do, you’ll be entered in a draw for some Bestie goodies :)

We’re collecting nominations until December 31, and will be opening voting in the new year. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for updates!


Start nominating here.

(If you're reading this on the BreakingNews.ie app, please switch to the website instead to start your nominations.)

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