What links this 90s alt-rock band and an eastern black rhino?

Back in the 1990s in Chicago, the words Smashing Pumpkins meant only one thing.

But while the Illinois alt-rock band, famous for songs like Tonight Tonight and 1979, are enjoying a second wind in 2018, the people of Chicago may be starting to associate the phrase with actual pumpkins.

That’s because of videos like this one, released by the city’s Lincoln Park Zoo.

The clip shows Maku, the zoo’s resident eastern black rhino, quite literally smashing a pumpkin.

Billy Corgan would be proud.

The idea of getting zoo animals to smash up pumpkins isn’t a new one: Detroit Zoo makes an annual event of it in the run-up to Halloween, with everything from grizzly bears to chimpanzees getting involved.

Should watching a plethora of animals smash up the spookiest of the squashes be your cup of tea, get yourself to Detroit Zoo on Saturday when they’ll be doing it all again.

- Press Association

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