What crappy weather - Portaloos are bearing the brunt of Storm Ali

By Kyle Lehane
Digital Desk intern

The effects of Storm Ali have been felt throughout the country today, with many trees knocked down and roads blocked.


However, the weather conditions have brought some light-hearted moments as well.

Portaloos are bearing the brunt of the severe weather conditions, leading to both travel interruptions and hilarious photo moments.

One mobile loo caused disruption to the Luas at Harbourmaster Place in Dublin earlier this morning.

Credit: Laura O
Credit: Laura O'Connor

Organisers at the National Ploughing championship said they deeply regret the decision to cancel the festival today but it had to be made for safety reasons.

One group of lads didn’t let this news stop them from making the most out of a crappy situation.

Credit: Cleo Knight from Midlands 103.
Credit: Cleo Knight from Midlands 103.

Some are powering on through the storm, not leaving till the job gets done.

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