We bring you an exhibition about fat

A new exhibition will feature soap made from human fat, and a host of touch-‘em, feel-‘em experiments, demos and tastings to show you how we all use and need fat.

In this pic, chef Kevin Thornton and student mediator Jessie Doyle examine a jar of fat taken from a liposuction operation.

Now, who would want to get up close and personal with a jar of tummy-tuck fat? Who?.....You? Here you go then:

Here’s Kevin again, with a pig’s head:

Miami-based artist Orestes De Le Paz made soap using his own body fat, following liposuction. The soap bars are 25% his own fat

Jennifer Lorigan, left, wearing a bariatric (obesity)-training suit used for medical staff training and Jessie Doyle have a chat. There’s that jar of fat again too.

The FAT: IT'S DELICIOUS exhibition opens tomorrow and runs to June 29 at the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.

Read all about the exhibition here.

Kevin Thornton holds a pig's head from his installation "Pig Heads in Poitin" next to a satirical self-portrait entitled "Obeast" by US artist Rachel Herrick during a press preview of 'Fat: It's Delicious'.

By Jill O'Sullivan

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