Watch two koalas show some UFC-appropriate fighting skills in the middle of an Australian road

Two koalas have been spotted wrestling in the road in southern Australia.

The furry marsupials, usually thought of as cute and docile, held up traffic as they demonstrated some impressive grappling.

Weirdly, it makes for a pretty thrilling watch.


So whilst a lot of you are battling Xmas traffic have a look at what held me up today! Only in Australia!!!(For licensing or usage, contact

Posted by Marguerite Smith on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Marguerite Smith filmed the incident in Stirling, in the Adelaide hills.

The koalas fight for over a minute, using techniques that wouldn’t look out of place in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu dojo.

Since being uploaded on Thursday afternoon, the video has been viewed an incredible 11 million times.

It sounds like someone should alert UFC Chief Dana White about two potential new stars.


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