Watch: Trans Live Art Salon is creating an inflatable oasis in Dublin

A Dublin collective is creating a new, free, safe space for trans artists to collaborate.

AND... It looks super fun!

The Trans Live Art Salon will be taking over a space and transforming it into an inflatable oasis in September this year.

The oasis will feature a curated programme of workshops, games, art, and talks.

Performances will also feature by queer, trans, and gender non-conforming artists including Elll, Squinky, Aitch Giles, Tammy Duplantis, Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda and more.

The event will be free and accessible for all, including trans, neurodivergent, and disabled people.

More details are set to be released on July 12.

Ooh mysterious...

Trans Live Art Salon is a voluntary collective and is now fundraising to cover the costs of setting up the oasis.

More information about donating can be found here, or you can follow the collective on Facebook or Twitter.


By Claire Anderson

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