Watch this police officer pull a huge alligator from underneath a car in Florida

Police in Florida mounted a Steve Irwin-style animal rescue of an alligator that had taken up residence underneath a car.

In a video posted by the Pasco sheriff’s office, a man can be seen approaching the vehicle in the Sable Ridge area with a rope and looping it over the eight-foot alligator’s mouth.

In a flash the beast is dragged out from beneath the car and the battle begins.

Today is #LoveYourPetDay, in case you did not know. Most of us Floridians may not keep gators for pets, but we have…

Posted by Pasco Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The alligator performs multiple “death rolls” but doesn’t escape the clutches of the experienced police officer, who takes it all in his stride.

Dealing with large animals is just a part of the job for officers in Florida, but one they take seriously.

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