Watch this daredevil roast marshmallows over a volcano

By Peter Towe

Bet you never had a campfire like this.

Two men in New Zealand have taken marshmallow roasting as far as it can go - inside a volcano.

Bradley Ambrose, who is an expert on volcanoes, filmed his colleague Simon Turner roasting the treats over a 1,100C volcanic vent in Ambrym, Vanuatu.

Simon cracked open a beer after their 400m descent into the Marcum Crater and proceeded to cook the morsels.

He said: "It ended up being one of the most perfectly-cooked marshmallows I have ever tasted.

"Perfect and crusty on the outside without being burned - it had just the right amount of a gooey centre but without getting it all over your fingers.

"We dangled the marshmallow out over the lake where the radiant heat was at its hottest, so it didn't take too long to cook."

We bet it didn't!

At least Simon fared better than his cameraman friend Bradley, who was sprayed with lava bombs in the same crater a week previously.

I think I'll stick to a few bits of kindling and a match, thank you.


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