Watch this baseball player climb a wall to prevent a home run

Baseball’s Hollywood moments might be expected to come from the bat, but with a catch as good as this Billy Hamilton effort there’s room for fielders in the limelight too.

The Cincinnati Reds centre was fielding during the seventh inning of a 9-1 win against the St Louis Cardinals when Matt Carpenter hit a pitch in his direction.

Backpedalling while desperately attempting to keep his eyes on the prize, Hamilton leapt high and made a sensational grab to prevent what looked to be a certain home run.

The catch has been touted as one of the best of the season, something Hamilton’s team-mate Amir Garrett probably agrees with.

“I’ve never seen a catch like that before, live,” Garrett said. “I think that has to be one of the greatest catches I have seen in my life.”

See, it’s not just home runs that create fireworks at the ball park.

- Press Association

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