Watch the moment a baby’s gender reveal went stratospherically wrong

Baby gender reveals have increasingly become fodder for viral stardom, but it’s when they go wrong that they really set the internet alight.

One of the most common gender reveal methods sees a balloon popped by the mother-to-be, with blue confetti spilling out for a boy and pink for a girl – which is all well and good, so long as this doesn’t happen.

Yes, alas the balloon and its precious cargo disappeared into the stratosphere.

The remarkable moment was captured in Coamo, Puerto Rico, by Karina Berberena – and don’t worry, they laughed too.

“Everyone laughed afterwards,” the 19-year-old college student told the Press Association. “But at the moment it was a bit of a shame.”

Karina said that the parents knew the baby was a girl. They had wanted to throw a party for their family and friends to share their news.

“If anyone can take anything from this it, should be to make sure the balloon is correctly tight – or simply don’t buy a balloon,” said Karina.

- Press Association

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