Watch: Storm turns bridge into waterfall in amazing video

There has been some crazy weather over Italy in the last few days, with floods affecting cities around the country and a freak hailstorm hitting the capital, Rome.

But perhaps nowhere was it more spectacular than this spot in Puglia.

Footage taken from the coastal Bar Ristorante L’Incanto shows storm water cascading off a nearby bridge, effectively turning it into a waterfall.

It made for a spectacular sight as the weather turned an already dramatic location in Gagliano del Capo, situated in Italy’s heel, appear even more remarkable.

A video posted the following day showed the spot looking equally beautiful in calmer weather.

And if you can’t get enough of that view, the restaurant even hosts a live 24-hour stream of it on its website.

Elsewhere in the country, there was chaos in Rome as a hailstorm om Sunday created floods and sheets of ice on the city’s streets.

(Massimo Percossi/AP)

- Press Association

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