WATCH: Search for a hero is on after cat battle ends up in the Thames

The search is on for a man who rescued a cat from drowning, received absolutely no thanks from the moggy in question and then left the scene as mysteriously as he arrived.

According to ITV, the cat at the centre of the drama is called Felix and he found himself in serious trouble after a fight with another cat ended with him slipping off a dock and into the Thames.

Luckily for the feline, a passerby spotted him go in and ran to his aid. The man crossed the safety chain and lay flat on his front to allow him reach down and scoop the cat out of the water.

Felix, being a cat, showed no signs of gratitude and quickly sauntered off.

But since ITV shared the clip, social media is keen to find this unassuming hero.

Where are you, cat-saving hero? The world wants to buy you a drink.

By Grainne McGuinness

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