WATCH: One Cork dad’s heartwarming video about his son's birth

By Denise O'Donoghue

This little guy was born in CUH - and his daddy made a very sweet video about his birth

Patrick Corr and his fiancé Leanne Carney took a trip to the Cork University Maternity hospital earlier this month and came away with a little bundle named Benjamin.

Benjamin's proud daddy, is a filmmaker based in Cork and a graduate of UCC and Dublin's Digital Film School, wanted to mark his son's birth in a way only he could - with an informative and entertaining 'Labour Day' video.

The result is very cute!

Patrick lists the important things parents-to-be should bring with them ahead of the birth of their new arrival. These include:

- Phone

- Some light reading material

- Lots of nappies

- Lots and lots of baby clothes

- A long list of beauty products

- Optional cute outfit to dress your baby in

- More snacks

- Car seat

- Transport

- A hospital

He even has a reminder at the end to bring enough money for the car park - he was charged €30 for 41 hours in the car park! Eep!

We're sure little Benjamin will love looking back at the day of his birth thanks to Patrick's quirky video when he's a bit older.

Via Irish Examiner

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