WATCH: Home and Away star Dan Ewing reacts to the Rose of Tralee

Out of all the things us Irish folk have to endure, like pronouncing the name, Siobhan or explaining that we are in fact a separate country to the United Kingdom, describing the phenomenon that is the Rose of Tralee to our friends abroad has to be the most difficult, writes Anna O'Donoghue.

Well, now fans or soon to be fans all over the world will be available to watch for FREE, live and on-demand with RTÉ Player -online on desktop or through the RTÉ Player iOS and Android apps live and on-demand.

Here’s a little sneak peek into what it may be like for people who have not witnessed life inside the dome before.

And who better to ask than the people the furthest away from Tralee, who of course are, the folks in Summer Bay, Australia.

Watch as Home and Away’s Matt Little (VJ Patterson) and Dan Ewing (Heath Braxton) discover some of the weird and wonderful Rose of Tralee moments over the years.

See Matt (VJ) ‘go bananas’ at Dáithí’s ‘dad dancing’ and get completely confused as Dáithí gives his Rose of Tralee welcome ‘as Gaeilge’.

While ‘Heath’ virtually gets himself into a sweat waiting for the Roses’ response to that marriage proposal.

Watch the full clip here

By Anna O'Donoghue

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