Watch: ‘Gorgeous’ four-week old tiger cubs bond with their mother

Three Sumatran tiger cubs born last month at an Australian zoo are winning fans thanks to a video showing them bonding with their mother.

The cubs, born At Taronga Zoo Sydney on January 17, are shown in the clip feeding from their mother, Kartika.

The video was a big hit with animal lovers, with one calling the cubs “so so gorgeous” and another saying “omg my heart”.

A Facebook post from the zoo on Friday read: “Sumatran Tiger mother Kartika and her three cubs are doing well, and we wanted to share a quick update!

“This morning the new family enjoyed quality time behind the scenes in the dens playing, bonding and nursing – and Kartika clearly needed a rest by the end of it.”

At the end of the new video, Kartika is seen rolling away from the cubs as they attempt to feed, something that struck a chord with the zoo’s followers on Facebook.

One wrote laughed at the moment “when she rolls over at the end ‘aaaaand you guys are done now’,” while another said: “I love at the end she just rolls over like ‘enough now babies’. They’re so cute!”

The cubs are being kept away from the eyes of visitors for now as they continue to grow and bond with their mother.

- Press Association

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