WATCH: Entire Danish orchestra eats stupidly hot chili peppers, plays on regardless

A video of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing a tango after eating 'the world's hottest chili peppers' has gone viral and to be honest, there's an opening sentence we never thought we'd write.


Watch it below - the chili-eating starts around the 1:35 mark and things start to heat up (sorry) soon afterwards, with much grimacing, eye-watering and other such discomfort to follow. Watch till the end - the general disarray just after they finish playing is the best bit.

In fairness, some take the heat better than others - the middle trombone guy being one of those that appears to suffer the most.

The stunt - which has racked up almost 1.5m YouTube views, is the work of a guy called 'Chili Klaus' (aka Claus Pilgaard or Klaus Wunderhits), a Danish musician, comedian and hot chili enthusiast who has made something of a speciality out of challenging well-known Danes to eat hot chilis.

His motives in getting an entire orchestra to put itself through this ordeal are clear, but his YouTube video does note: "Unfortunately The Danish National Chamber Orchestra closes by the end of 2014", so perhaps it's a clever publicity campaign.

Either way, those guys were on fire (sorry, sorry).

By Conor Hallahan

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