Watch Countdown go all Father Ted

Channel 4 viewers had a bit of a laugh today.

Countdown fans might have been forgiven for thinking they had tuned into Father Ted after the gameshow's lexicographer Susie Dent uncovered some rather risque Irish slang.

Soccer pundit Adrian Chiles, who was partnering Dent in the show's Dictionary corner, couldn't bring himself to unveil the word, saying: "I didn't hink of it."

So he gave Dent the pleasure of revealing an eight-letter Irish insult among the vowels and consonents - 'gobshite'.

The show's host, Nick Hewer, was horrified when she called it out, saying: "Are you allowed to say that?"

She went on to describe it as "vulgar slang" and gave its definition while a blushing co-host Rachel Riley posed next to the questionable noun.

Some viewers loved it.

Others weren't so sure

Father Jack would have been proud.

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