WATCH: Cork’s Allie Sherlock is working with one of LA’s top producers

Ireland’s youngest busker, Allie Sherlock has been surprising shoppers with her powerful voice and stunning covers for a few years now.

So much so, we’d be very surprised if you haven’t spotted this little girl on your timeline, or on the streets of Dublin/Cork, in the last year.

Lately, it has been noted that she has taken a break from busking and today we’ve discovered why.

The teen is currently in LA working with top producer, Ryan Tedder.

With @ryantedder in his studio in L.A.

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Yes, the Ryan Tedder who has written hit songs such as Beyoncé’s Halo, Adele’s Rumour Has It and Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love.

Although Allie has been updating her Instagram and Youtube during her time in the States, she has not officially confirmed the reason for her trip.  

Judging by this video, the famous producer is seriously impressed by the Cork native.

She’s also been introduced to Charlie Puth and Pharrell, as you do.

Omg.... got to meet @pharrell today...can my life get any better xx

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Well deserved.

Congrats, Allie. 

By Anna O'Donoghue

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