Watch: Clip from Dolores O'Riordan documentary which airs on RTÉ tonight

Dave Fanning's new documentary 'Dolores' airs on RTÉ tonight and from what we've seen so far you won't want to miss it, writes Sally Gorman.

The music mogul has produced the show which will trace the life and times of The Cranberries front woman during the band's peak success.

The programme airs tonight at 10.35pm and includes one on one interviews between Fanning and the Limerick songstress.

The 2FM DJ posted a sneak peak of the documentary on his Twitter page last night and it looks enthralling already.

In the clip, Dolores reveals that years of gigging and touring took its toll and she admitted she found it hard to adjust to normal life once she took a break from performing.

She said: "I was scared to stop. It was like, 'what will I do if I stop? I'll go crazy, they'll have to put me in a padded cell if I stop doing this'.

"I remember going for a walk when we stopped, just going for a walk up the road, looking at things like a flower. I hadn't looked at a flower in three years - simple things like that I just got so far away from human things.

"Other celebrities who grew up in big cities are used to hotel rooms and they're used to all that man-made stuff, you know?"

Dolores passed away on January 15 in London, her death shook the music world both at home and all over the world.

By Sally Gorman
Digital Journalist

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