Watch Cirque du Soleil bring their jaw-dropping acrobatics to Dublin

By Kyle Lehane
Digital Desk intern

Cirque du Soleil are currently on tour in Dublin in the 3Arena this weekend.

The show is a world-famous performance troupe, renowned for their theatrical acts and dazzling shows.

Often performing mind-blowing stunts, this video shows the hard work and dedication that goes into pulling off such a thrilling experience.

Video: Lensmen

The touring circus production, which premiered in Montréal in Canada in 2009, follows an ecosystem of insects who work, play, fight and look for love.

The awestruck insects are intensely curious when a mysterious egg appears.

The show recently made headlines after revealing that they would base a new show around the life of Argentina soccer great, Lionel Messi.

Cirque du Soleil is in Dublin from October 10-14.

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