Watch: Baby melts hearts on Twitter with joyous reaction to mirror

A baby’s joyous relationship with her reflection is taking the internet by storm.

Footage of four-month-old Khendi Mitchell being turned to look at a mirror has been viewed over a million times on Twitter, and her mother hopes it will teach people “to love themselves first”.

Khendi is seen immediately reacting with joy as she sees herself, and her mum Sydnie Lemora says it is all thanks to lessons she learned from her mother.

“I always told her she was beautiful because my mom told me the same,” the 22-year-old from Port Arthus, Texas, told the Press Association.

“No one has ever been able to make me feel less than beautiful because of the same thing I’m doing with my daughter.

“I just hope that mothers teach their daughters at a young age, to love themselves first!”

Despite the huge amount of attention the mother and daughter are receiving, they are keeping their feet on the ground.

“Don’t seek validation from social media, a man, a woman or anyone,” said Sydnie. “It starts within.”

- Press Association

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