Watch as Irish groom beautifully sings his wife down the aisle

Jonathan Kernan decided the traditional wedding march wasn’t good enough for his childhood sweetheart Siobhan Connolly, so he went in a very different direction.

The couple, who hail from Castleblayney, Co Monaghan, first met in secondary school and got married yesterday at the Darver Castle in Readypenny, Dundalk, Co Louth.

Most grooms would save their warbling for the dance floor at the end of the wedding reception, but not Jonathan. He decided to put his fantastic voice to use and serenade his beloved bride down the aisle.

Jonathan and Siobhan chose Ed Sheeran’s ‘Tenerife Sea’ as the bride’s entrance song and, with a little help from friends Ryan (guitar) and Jennifer (vocals), we think the groom knocks the song right out of the park.

If you can’t see the Facebook embed, you can view it here.

Just wonderful…

The groom’s sister Charlene Casey captured Jonathan’s performance on video and uploaded it to Facebook, where it has racked up over 16,000 views on the site in less than a day.

We think Jonathan has left future groom’s everywhere with a lot to live up to!

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By Shaun Cronin

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