Watch as baby Gentoo penguin takes its first swim

An adorable baby Gentoo penguin has taken the plunge and gone for its first swim at Sea Life London Aquarium.

Aquarists Charlotte Barcas and Rowena Kennedy carried out a health check on the baby chick before it was reintroduced to the rest of the penguin flock at the aquarium.

Parents Juno and Loki, as well as 16 other penguins in the enclosure, watched as the chick took its first dive.

The as-yet-unnamed chick was seen jumping into the water and floating around as the rest of the penguins looked on.

The baby penguin has been allowed to swim as its adult feathers have grown through; these feathers, as opposed to fluffy baby feathers, are waterproof, allowing the penguin to swim freely.

The first penguin born at the aquarium in 2018, the chick weighs 2.5kg, up from a tiny 105g when it was born in early July.

- Press Association

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