Watch a suspected meteor light up the Michigan sky

A suspected meteor that appeared in the sky above Detroit, Michigan, has been captured by CCTV cameras and dash-cams.

Residents of the metropolitan Detroit area reported seeing a bright light and what sounded like thunder at around 8.08pm on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service have not confirmed that it was a meteor and say they are still trying to work out what caused the “rare occurrence”.

Footage of the bright light was captured by one driver, and the music on the radio (Late Goodbye by Poets of the Fall) just happened to sync perfectly with the celestial event.

CCTV cameras outside people’s homes also caught a glimpse of the event.

A camera on someone’s front door only captured the sky-filling light.

If it was a meteor, despite the bright light and reports of people’s houses shaking, it wasn’t actually dangerous.

A meteor is just a small piece of rock that comes close enough to the Earth to enter its atmosphere. In doing so, it vaporises which appears as a dash of light, known as a shooting star.


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