Want to improve your memory? This illustrated video will help

Whether it be passwords, addresses or exam knowledge, we all struggle to remember things from time to time.

So how can memory be improved? Try these five handy tips from YouTube channel ASAPScience, a science account with over eight million followers.

1. Get some exercise

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Why is it always exercise and not sitting on the sofa eating crisps? Well, according to the ASAPScience guys, regular cardio exercise can improve performance on memory tests.

2. Eat a good snack

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Glucose and insulin aid the learning of new information, they also help convert memories from short-term to long-term.

3. Chat to friends

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Get on WhatsApp or hang out with friends in person, as high-quality relationships are good for the noggin.

4. Work that memory

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Train your brain to remember more and more – there are tons of apps you can try!

5. Get stressed

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Hormones like cortisol, released when you are stressed, promote the formation of long-term memory.

However, too much stress impairs memory, so you’ve got to achieve that balance.

Now, memorise these tips by watching the video over and over.

- Press Association

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