VIDEO: Tipperary man brightens up little boys Christmas with lights display

By Breda Graham

There has been some very impressive Christmas lights displays across the country this month all in preparation for the big day tomorrow but there is a special story behind one Tipperary man’s Christmas lights.

James Phillips from Two Mile Borris in Tipperary has an impressive lights display of snowmen, reindeer and lanterns which he puts together each year to raise money for charity.

In the past James has raised money for charities such as Barnardos, Pieta House and Make-A-Wish Ireland. A money box at the front wall of the house is used to collect donations.

This year James is raising money for a little boy named Sean Doran who has Neuroblastoma. The money collected will help little Sean and his family with the expenses of travelling to and from hospital for his treatments and check ups.

Speaking on why he first decided to start a lights display, James said, “I always had quite a few Christmas lights in the garden at home growing up as a child and when I moved out I just had to keep it going for that little bit of magic. When my little girl was born I really went all out to give her a smile and to experience the magic I experienced growing up.”

James later got the idea to start collecting for charity as his lights display was highly praised and attracted visitors.

“My friends and family gave me the idea of collecting for charity but I didn’t think the lights display was good enough and I always wanted more lights to improve it. It’s going well now and I get great feedback,” he said.

This year James has gone the extra mile by including Santa’s very own sleigh which people are welcome to visit and take pictures with.

“This year to get people out of their warm cars and to donate, Pat Dunican and I have built a Santa sleigh for the whole family to jump in and take a picture. The Santa sleigh will be outside my house until the 6th of January so please make sure come take a picture and tag me in it on Facebook”

James and his wife are delighted that their display has received so much attraction over the last few years and are happy to be able to spread a little bit of extra magic for children and their families who visit their display in Two Mile Borris.

James asks for those visiting to please stay outside the garden wall for safety reasons.

People can like the Hope For Sean Trust Committee here and James’ Facebook page can be found here

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