Video: This is what a deep-fried mince pie looks like

Christmas can be pretty unforgiving on the waistline, what with all the roast dinners and mulled wine. But hey – it gets to the stage where you give in to the calories, all in the name of festive cheer.

A chippie near Falkirk, Scotland, thought that they’d take the indulgence of Christmas one step further by putting a spin on a classic and making a deep-fried mince pie.

Sure, it’s not going to win any beauty prizes any time soon – but when has the look of fried food ever put us off?

Not only that, but New Union chippy has really decided to run with the theme of frying Christmas classics, and has also deep-fried pigs in blankets on the menu.

Let’s just say they’re probably not for the faint-hearted.


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