VIDEO: This Dublin pub group did a smashing cover of 'Psycho Killer'

Oh, Dublin, you weird, mad, beautiful city.

There are a tonne of hidden gems in the nation's capital that most of us don't know are happening - like Ukulele Tuesdays.

This great little tune was recorded by a pub full of the city's ukulele enthusiasts upstairs in the Stag's Head on Dame Court a few weeks ago. Not just a bunch of talking heads, either - they're pretty damn good.

Given the song they chose, we'll let them away with that cheeky bass guitarist in the window.

A nice little bit of polish on the video production, too. Mark Mangan, who uploaded the footage, said the group is open to all every Tuesday in the Stag's.

If you want to pop along - or just learn how to play a few great tunes, check out the group's songbook online (Psycho Killer not, sadly, included).

If you don't know the classic 1970s tune, here it is in all of its VHS quality:

The Ukulele Tuesdays crew did a fine job, we reckon.

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