VIDEO: The wreck of the Astrid is salvaged in Kinsale, Co Cork

By Conor Hallahan

The wreck of the sail training ship Astrid, which ran aground off the coast of Cork in June has been salvaged and was brought to the quays in Kinsale today.

The salvage operation, by West Cork-based Atlantic Towage and Marine, began last night with a 937-tonne floating crane - the Atlas - lifting it off the rocks by Oysterhaven.

The 45m ‘sheerleg’ crane, operated by GPS Marine, used its powerful 36m high crane to bring the 250-tonne Astrid to the surface.

As the hull emerged from the water the effects of submersion were clear.

The crane today began the slow job of towing the wreck into Kinsale harbour.

Where it was moored at Lobster Quay in preparation for being lifted onto a barge.

Locals crowded the quay walls to watch the spectacle.

It is believed at least 3.5 tonnes of diesel and oil remain in two of the 95-year-old Dutch training vessel’s four fuel tanks.

When the sea water drains away, the fuel will be siphoned from the ship’s tanks. The wreck will then be transported to dry dock and handed back to its insurers.

Thirty people were rescued from the Astrid after she suffered engine failure and ran aground off the Sovereign islands near Kinsale.

The ship was part of a flotilla taking part in The Gathering Cruise.


(Irish Examiner via YouTube)

All pictures: Dan Linehan/Irish Examiner

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