VIDEO: Son surprises his mammy by 'swimming' home from Australia

This is one of the sweetest homecoming videos yet - and the most original.

The lads over at were sent this video by Nicola Nolan - it shows her younger brother Stephen giving their mammy a big surprise by swimming from Australia to Ireland. Sort of.

Nicola was down at the beach in Rush, Co. Dublin, showing her mam a video Stephen had made in Australia explaining that he couldn't get home for a family wedding. It ended with him running into the sea, saying: "If I start swimming now maybe I’ll get there on time".

Just as the video ends, Nicola tells her mam to look out of the car window because someone is coming out of the cold Irish Sea.

How sweet was that! He looked freezing though - we bet the Atlantic is a hell of a lot colder than the Indian Ocean.



By Ciara Flaherty

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