VIDEO: Man finds python in his corn flakes (no, really)

By Dave Molloy

In today's edition of "reasons not to emigrate to Australia, ever" we hear the story of a man in search of corn flakes who instead discovered a two-metre diamond python.

22-year old Jarred Smith was going to grab some lunch last Tuesday, but instead got quite the fright when he discovered that his box of cereal contained a coiled python.

"So, this is what I'm currently dealing with," he casually narrates to the viewer, recovering from the shock in true Australian fashion.

Speaking to Australia's Daily Telegraph, the member of the New South Wales Wildlife Information Rescue and Information service said he had to tear open the box of corn flakes to remove the snake, so tightly was it coiled. "It's likely it was hiding in there to feel secure," he told the paper.

The diamond python is, generally speaking, not too aggressive. They kill be constricting their prey, but tend to lie in wait for ambush - and are unlikely to bite (fortunately for Jarred).

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