Video: Make your morning coffee even more millennial by having a selfie on it

When drinking a cup of coffee, do you ever stop and think that it could be vastly improved if it had a picture of your face on it?

Okay, probably not – but even if this wasn’t one of your wildest dreams, you might want to do it now. If you head down to the Tea Terrace at House of Fraser’s Oxford Street branch in London, you’ll find Europe’s first cafe to serve selfieccinos.

The concept is simple: you submit your best selfie and in around six minutes you’ll have a steaming cup of joe with your face emblazoned on it. And don’t worry, because your image won’t even change the taste of the coffee – it’s made using tasteless food colouring.

Move over glitter and unicorn cappuccinos, because we bet that this will be the next big coffee trend to hit Instagram.


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