VIDEO: Lord of the Dance - the Belfast wedding edition

This is possibly the most epic clip of a wedding dance we've ever seen - and it was all on the spur of the moment.

Recorded last weekend at the wedding of Belfast couple Rob Wilson and Mairead McCargo, the clip was shot in that fine city's Ramada Hotel.

Hold your breath as Rob - along with every other male in the room, by the looks of it - takes to the floor for a stirring Irish dance routine that shakes the walls and raises the roof.

Contrary to what you might expect, the dance wasn't laboriously rehearsed, but was rather spontaneous.

And if you're wondering how that's possible - both Rob and Mairead are professional Irish dance teachers at The Matthews Academy of Irish Dancing in Coventry, as well as being former cast members of Lord of the Dance.

"It was all pretty spur of the moment," Rob's nephew Conor Flower, who also features in the video, told

"It wasn't rehearsed for weeks or anything - the lads are all cast members of Lord of the Dance and they just kind of decided to do it."

The happy couple both toured with Michael Flatley's world-famous production for eight years, with Belfast-born Mairead becoming one of the show's principal dancers.

Neither Rob nor Mairead were available for comment - they are too busy enjoying their honeymoon in Cape Verde.

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