VIDEO: London zoo welcomes first tiger cub after 17-year wait

After a pregnancy lasting approximately 105 days and a six-minute labour, five-year-old Sumatran tiger Melati gave birth to a single cub.

The top-secret pregnancy was kept under wraps by zookeepers, so that they could keep a careful eye on the first-time mum through hidden cameras installed to keep watch on Melati without disturbing her.

It is thought that the as-yet-unsexed cub will remain off-show for a few more weeks, until Melati is ready to show him or her off to the world.

Viewer discretion: Tiger actually gives birth here.

Innoculations will be administered in mid-November to the cub. At this point the sex will be revealed. Until then they are leaving mother and baby to bond.

By Fiona O'Donovan

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