VIDEO: Leatherback turtle rescued after losing fin following vicious shark attack

A leatherback turtle, who had lost one of its fins in a vicious shark attack, was yesterday hauled from the water in Tralee Bay in Co Kerry.

Sally, thought to be as old as 50 years, is one of many leatherbacks to have been brought ashore live and taken to Dingle Ocean World Aquarium in Kerry for urgent care.

"How it survived I don't know, but obviously the shark was happy enough walking away with the flipper," said Kevin Flannery of Dingle Ocean World Aquarium.

"But, it's disabled. if it's not able to swim back, it won't be able to survive at sea.

"She's a very good age. With the damage, it was only the wind and tide that carried her into Irish water.

"But now she has a fighting chance.

By Greg Murphy

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