Video: Laura Bates on what to do if you experience sexual harassment

Few have had a bigger impact on how we perceive ‘normalised’ instances of sexism, like catcalling, misogyny in the workplace and schools, and damaging gender stereotypes, than Laura Bates.

She started the Everyday Sexism project in 2012 for women all over the world to document their experiences – amassing tens of thousands of posts and counting – showing the impact these incidents have when they happen every day, to women everywhere.

Bates has been instrumental in raising awareness of how these shockingly frequent occurrences connect to and help perpetuate patriarchy, gender inequality, domestic violence and rape culture.

On International Women’s Day, we talk to her about how to respond to sexual harassment – if you experience it yourself or see it happening to someone else – and why it’s so important not to ignore it.

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