VIDEO: Kayaker gets up close and personal with huge basking shark in Dingle

By Denise O’ Donoghue

One man kayaking in Dingle recently had some unexpected company under the water - a basking shark.

Noel O'Leary was taking advantage of the fine weather and kayaking near Dingle harbour yesterday evening when he noticed some movement in the water as a huge basking shark went past him.

Noel says the shark "seemed curious with the kayaks" and it came within inches of him.

The video footage he filmed is amazing. The camera goes under the water and is faced with the massive teeth of what Noel estimates was a 20ft long shark.


Basking sharks are pretty common around Irish shores. Last year a few were spotted at Cape Clear. The harmless creatures can mostly be spotted during fine, settled weather conditions.

Via Irish Examiner