VIDEO: Just started cycling to work? Then maybe this is you

By Kyle Lehane
Digital Desk intern

Cycling to work - it’s good for your body and a great help to the environment.

However, there are those who take an interest in their morning commute a little too much.

Well, in the new Foil, Arms and Hog video it’s these Tour De France wannabes that are up for ridicule.

From spending a fortune on fancy bikes to wearing the entire cycling get up just because it’s ‘aerodynamic’, these cycling fanatics can’t resist telling you just how great they feel.

Now, we’re not knocking cycling or cyclists but buying all the gear just because the man in the shop told you to is kind of embarrassing.

Overall, cycling to work is a great way to cut down time on your daily commute and get a bit of exercise in - please just don’t bang on about it all the time.

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