VIDEO: Haunting reminder of how the World Cup affects domestic violence

Fans across England were likely devastated that their World Cup hopes were at an end and that the national team were coming home. Some women across the country, however, had dreaded England getting knocked out for a much darker reason.

Created by Tender Education and Arts as part of their #StandUpWorldCup campaign, the video shows a woman watching an England match on the edge of her seat - not just because she wants them to win. She needs them to win.

The video is based on a recent shocking study from Lancaster University. In the study of how soccer tournaments affects domestic violence, researchers found that:

"A match day trend showed the risk of domestic abuse rose by 26 percent when the English national team won or drew, and a 38 percent increase when the national team lost."

A tournament trend was also apparent, "as reported domestic abuse incidents increased in frequency with each new tournament."

While there has been no research done in this area in Ireland, the video is still a good reminder that not everyone will be enjoying this World Cup. Especially if their team loses.

By Ciara Flaherty

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