Video: Guy teaches himself how to dance in 365 days

Hey, you. How are those New Year resolutions goin'? How you doin' on that novel?

You should really stick with it, ya know. And here's just the man to show you why.

YouTube user Neiland decided to learn to dance, and gave himself a year to do it. Now, he's put together this collection of other clips showing his progress over the year.

Starting out with a pretty shuffle-y looking moonwalk on Day 2, by the time he reaches one year he's that guy in a nightclub who sticks out as the only confident and decent dancer about.

Stick with it until the snow.


"Since i started to listen Michael Jackson's music, I started to dream about dancing," he says in the description. "This video is my dance journey with 365 days. All my dancing is self taught."

"I hope this video inspires you to do things that you really want to do … with one year you can make a huge change in your life if you step out from your comfort zone and begin to act.!

Damn right. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be in front of the mirror.

Via the wonderful world or Reddit videos.


By Dave Molloy

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