Video: Fupin Eejits join the search for Michael Healy Rae’s missing bike

By Kyle Lehane
Digital Desk intern

Michael Healy Rae recently had his bike stolen, which is a dose to be fair.

Well comedy duo the Fupin Eejits never let the chance for a prank pass them by - so here they are, ringing the Kerry TD with some dodgy intell on the bike theft.

The lads claim they know who stole the bike and sound fairly convincing to us - but it doesn't take Healy Rae long to smell a rat.

And yes, hearing Healy Rae say "Twiher" is way funnier than it should be.

The politician took the phone prank all in good humour, and sure they all parted as friends.

Deputy Healy Rae has been using his bike for a number of years around the city and took to Facebook when it was lifted yesterday, channeling Liam Neeson in his message to the thief or thieves.


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